Harrison Burton and Crew Chief Chris Wimmer took The Rattler win last year in their first race under the new banner of Wimmer Motorsports.  The pair is set to head to Alabama Speedway again this weekend and defend their 2018 win.

“I’m pumped to head back to the Rattler,” said Burton.  “It’s such an awesome race and always seems to bring the best out in drivers, so it will be tough, but fun.  Going back as a defending winner is a really cool feeling, especially in the way we did it last year with the last corner pass.  There is no better confidence booster for me and the guys than winning the year prior.”

“It’s always cool when you get a chance to defend a win,” said Wimmer.  “Last year was all Harrison at the end and he did an awesome job getting it done.  Big races are hard to win and this weekend will be no different, but we’re gonna be ready.”

Burton made the winning pass on the final lap to take the checkers a year ago, but over the 250-lap event a lot can happen.  The race is an eight-tire show, meaning teams will have an extra set of tires in their pit box to use throughout the course of the 250-laps.

“Strategy is gonna come into play in this race, so I think one of the many keys to winning this one is sticking to your plan, unless an opportunity presents itself to make a bold call,” said Burton.

“You definitely have to have a strategy going in and then see how things play out,” said Wimmer.  “Depending on how the race goes you need to be able to adjust.  Last year everything worked out for us and hopefully we can have it work out again.”

As is tradition, the winner gets a photo in Victory Lane with a rattle snake.  While Wimmer and Burotn hope for another photoshoot with the snake, last year provided a few laughs during photos.

“The biggest thing that I would change about having the rattle snake again would be to get my parents actually in the picture this time,” said Burton.  “They were outta there in a hurry last year.”

“Literally the only time I will have my picture taken with a snake is to win the rattler,” said Wimmer.

Qualifying for the Rattler250 takes place on Saturday with the race set to start at 2:00pm on Sunday.  Fans can watch all 250-laps live on speed51.com.

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