Wimmer Motorsports and Harrison Burton are set to get back on track together this weekend at Five Flags Speedway for the final Blizzard Series Super Late Model race of the year.  The last two events scheduled for the pair were cancelled and both have been chomping at the bit to get the band back together.

“With the last two races getting cancelled I’m so, so excited to jump back in the Super (Late Model),” said Burton.  “They are so much fun as a driver and I feel like I’m home in one.”

“It feels like we’ve been ready to race for months,” added Wimmer.  “It was unfortunate that those races were cancelled, but we’re prepared for Pensacola this weekend and I’m excited to get back to the track with Harrison and see what we can do.”

Burton and Wimmer are no strangers to the Pensacola, FL track.  Over the past two years they’ve tallied three top-three finishes, including a win and an additional fourth place finish in last year’s Snowball Derby.

“I’m ready to be back in a Super in Pensacola,” said Burton.  “We have had success at this track in the past and I’m ready to try and do it again.”

“Over the past few years we’ve had some solid runs at Pensacola,” said Wimmer.  “There’s always things to build on and we haven’t been there since the Derby, so I’m excited to get back there and see what we have and put together a solid weekend.”

As always, the final Blizzard race of the year also is the final race at Five Flags Speedway before the Snowball Derby.  That means an inflated entry list and much-anticipated track time before one of the biggest Super Late Model events of the year in December.

“It’s always been known as the Derby tune-up,” said Wimmer.  “That track changes so much that what you have in September could be totally different than where you end up in December, but either way, it’s good to get the laps there and try and learn something before we go back for the big one.”

“The race is definitely a great opportunity for our team to learn heading into the Derby,” said Burton.  “With it being the most competitive race of the year, it’s super important to be well prepared.”

The Wimmer Motorsports team has practice on Friday before qualifying and Deep South Cranes 150 Blizzard Championship Saturday night.